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On KAVICH, you can indulge yourself in a series of exclusive cookery programme as well as lifestyle workshops ranging from culinary, food tasting and many more.

We are also dedicated to provide members with novel, modern and unique food and kitchenware that fits your kitchen perfectly.

Quality lifestyle for KAVICH members is always our top priority.



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Snail Caviar has a translucent white shine, which is often regarded as the ‘White Caviar’.  The use of escargot caviar started in the 80s, back then, people compare escargot caviar only with the finest caviar, and only the rich could afford snail caviar in luxurious French restaurants. As time goes by, escargot caviar gains popularity and has become a prevailing culinary trend across Europe. Multiple escargot farms are then started in Italy and Spain to nurture their favorite escargot caviar.


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